Founder’s Message

Hon'ble Guardians,

          A man is considered the best creation of god. Education plays an important role to achieve human excellence. Mental, physical, moral and spiritual extension can be possible through education, which is called harmonious development.

          We find school a blessed place where civilize, socialize, humanize and principled or a man of character may take shape, a good citizen to the nation. We have the potentiality as to nourish a child. We believe over quality education.

          Nirmal siksha prasar samiti is nicely working since 1977 in a very specific direction of shining out the upcoming generation, a bright and happy mirror of india. Hopefully we are achieving fair targets step by step. Our school upgraded into 10th in the year 1995-96, and 12th in 2001-02. After a passage of time, it was upgraded to commerce as per the high demand of students.

          Today we are living in a world of competition, so we pointed ourselves to the required welfare of our students. Now they students may get suitable classes at one place. This effort is being admired equally by both students and their parents. We established this quite new mile-stone in the session 2012-13.

          We are still in progress in higher studies. At present, we are providing education for the students of B.A., B.Sc., B. Com. and B.Ed. too. Now we are seeking permission for P.G. courses. This all was not possible without the guidance and co-operation you marked for us. We hope for the same loving and proper critical out-look of you all.

          Your suggestions are to consider honestly.

Smt. Nirmala Chaudhary